Results-focused Route Representative Skills Training

Safe Drivers. Service Focus. Sales Touch.

RouteRepReady™ harnesses the power of virtual training and live coaching to develop safe route service representatives that deliver exceptional customer service.

Targeted Lessons

Video lessons are available each day focused on specific, applied skills to be covered on each training day.

Training Roadmap

Training follows a goal-focused training “map”, structured to be simple and easy-to-follow.

Measurable Results

On-route application of knowledge and skills is assessed each day to track and report trainee progress.

Applied Quizzes

Trainees complete quizzes in order to progress to the next training day.

On-board Check Sheet

Route trainers are provided a list of skills and knowledge the trainee needs to be, know, do on each day.

Interactive Scenarios

Case studies and situations specific to the commercial laundry and uniform rental industry are included.

Online RSR training is available now! And, it’s turnkey and on-demand.

Route Service Reps are the front-line face of your company. How can you afford to offer anything less than industry-leading training to the people who interact with your customers daily, if not, weekly? Experience shows that job shadowing and “ride alongs” do not work — new reps only get inconsistent information or adopt someone else’s short cuts and bad habits. With nearly 20 years of industry experience training route reps, RouteRepReady™ pinpoints training on the aspects of the RSR job that make the most difference: being safe, working efficiently, servicing the customer, and matching products to needs. Best of all, TRSA now offers turnkey access to RouteRepReady — available immediately and on-demand when you need it most.

Skills-Building Content in Ten Targeted Training Modules

RouteRepReady™ is delivered online and is available on-demand: when your RSR needs the training, they can register and start right away! The program consists of ten modules, each of which should be completed before the next training day out on the road. RouteRepReady provides the structure and framework for what the RSR should know, be, and do in order to master this challenging and fulfilling role, and provides a structured scoring method trainers can use to assess the progress of the RSR trainee — and their ability to tackle the route independently on their own.

  • Module 1: Role, Responsibilities, and Job Challenges
  • Module 2: Driving and Environmental Safety
  • Module 3: Staying Accident & Injury-free: Personal Health & Safety
  • Module 4: Linen & Uniform Handling and Collection
  • Module 5: Customer Interaction and Payment Processing
  • Module 6: Basic Sales Techniques using the FIRST Framework™
  • Module 7: Merchandising Strategies (Upsales) for Customer Needs
  • Module 8: Overcoming Delivery Challenges
  • Module 9: Tactics of Organization: Efficiency and Time Management
  • Module 10: On-board Technology Primer/Review/Final Check Ride

Course Tracks Accommodate Differences in Operating Procedures

Needs, processes, and technology are different from company to company. Knowing this, RouteRepReady™ has built-in course “tracks” to accommodate variations from company to company when it comes to your customers, products, service approach, and technology. And, if you need it and it’s not already included in the program — let us know!


Proven ergonomics and OSHA standards

RouteRepReady provides a full module on safe movement, safe lifting, and avoiding slips and falls. RSRs have the right to go home in the condition they came to work.


Develop rapport and build relationships

Service and sales is at the heart of the RouteRepReady Training program. From attitude to invoicing, R3 provides RSRs the structured training to help ensure customers are satisfied and stay loyal.


Tactics of efficiency and organization

With nearly 20 years training delivery-focused drivers, R3 provides RSR’s the GUARD™ System to stage and move products in an efficient way — both in and out of the customer location.

RouteRepReady™ is a Training Program Developed From 17 Years of Industry Experience

“The project involved producing a training video and program focused on the duties of a Linens of the Week route representative, as well as the steps they go through in serving a customer. . . It was a pleasure to work with you…”
Ron Bubes
President, Linens of the Week
March 2007

Structured and trackable training is now available for your route representatives.

Register now to get them ready for Safety, Service and Sales!